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Python 程式設計基礎課程
點閱 13,564 次 (815 次/本月)

Python Programming Foundation

Cheng-Yuan Ho (Department of Information Management (資訊管理學系))

In this course, there are ten lectures, i.e., videos. We will focus on the problem solving in these ...

本課程共 10 講,包含:
影片檔 10 個   課程回饋

單元 1.Lecture 1: Data Types and If Else
※ 若 YouTube 影片無法觀看,請點選 [NTU Video] 觀看

內容:Lecture 1: Data Types and If Else  (本影音檔不提供下載) [NTU video]
單元 2.Lecture 2: Containers and For Loops
單元 3.Lecture 3: While Loops
單元 4.Lecture 4: More If Else, For Loops, and While Loops
單元 5.Lecture 5: Functions and Lambda
單元 6.Lecture 6: More Functions
單元 7.Lecture 7: Recursion
單元 8.Lecture 8: Module and Package
單元 9.Lecture 9: File Handling
單元 10.Lecture 10: Exception