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Python Programming Foundation

Department of Information Management (資訊管理學系) Cheng-Yuan Ho (何承遠)


中文課程名稱:Python 程式設計基礎課程
英文課程名稱:Python Programming Foundation
授課教師:Cheng-Yuan Ho (何承遠)
學分數:3 學分
開課單位:Department of Information Management (資訊管理學系)
建立日期:2022 年 9 月


In this course, there are ten lectures, i.e., videos. We will focus on the problem solving in these lectures. That means we thought you learned Python before, so we will quickly describe the Python commends in the first part of each lecture. Later, we will use these Python commends to solve the problems. Furthermore, the important things of solving problem are the logic and idea, not the Python commends. In other words, after you learn the logic and idea, you can use Python and other programming languages to solve the similar or new problems.


1. Understand Python programming
2. Understand how to solve problem with Python
3. Understand the logic and idea of problem solving with Python