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Principle of Microeconomics (with Recitation)

Department of Economics Joseph Tao-Yi Wang (王道一)


英文課程名稱:Principle of Microeconomics (with Recitation)
授課教師:Joseph Tao-Yi Wang (王道一)
學分數:4 學分
開課單位:Department of Economics
建立日期:2021 年 9 月


This is the introductory class for the principles of microeconomics. It serves as an introduction of economics to an audience that are not familiar with Calculus. (Those who have took Calculus should consider taking microeconomics instead.) One interesting feature of this class is there will be various classroom experiments throughout the semester, and students are expected to participate actively in them.

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The goal of this class is to introduce how economists think (without the math required for microeconomics), and, help you think like an economist! Specifically, we will see how economists observe real world phenomenon, build simplified models of reality, derive theories to provide policy advice, and test implications with empirical or experimental data.


1. Classroom Experiment Participation (15%): In-class experiments happen weekly. If you earn more than 15%, you get a “tie-breaker” which bumps you up one letter grade (A to A+, A- to A, etc.) when you happen to be the highest-scoring person in that grade.
2. Homework Assignment (3%): Homework problems appear in the ending slide of each chapter. You are required to hand them in 7 days after they appear in class (online). The “strike-out” rule applies, so not turning in one homework costs 1% each (up to 3%). Since the TA will NOT grade it, try it out yourself instead of copying someone’s answers.
3. Exam-Giving Contest (2%): Propose in groups “Economics in the News” problems for the Midterm/Final exam (1% each) and your problem may appear in the actual exam!
4. Quizzes (10%): One quiz (5% each) before each exam as practice.
5. Midterm (30%) and Final (40%) Exams:3 hours long in class. Submit request of absence in writing before 9am exam day (except for emergencies).