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寫作中心 李維晏


學分數:3 學分
建立日期:2014 年 2 月


This course aims to familiarize graduate students with fundamental skills concerning academic English writing. This course includes two hours of lecture plus one hour of grammar discussion. Topics to be covered include common rhetorical patterns, paragraph/essay development, grammar functionality, and essential vocabulary in academic English.


Course Objectives

By the end of the course, students will
1. Understand common rhetoric modes in academic writing.
2. Apply their knowledge of grammar function to their own writing.
3. Demonstrate familiarity with vocabulary frequently used in academic writing.
4. Edit and proofread their own and their peers’ writing.

Course Content

1. Preliminaries to Writing
(1) Reading
(2) Vocabulary Building
(3) Sentence Structure
(4) Functional Approach to Grammar
(5) Unity and Coherence
(6) Organization

2. Patterns of Paragraph/Essay Writing
(1) Process
(2) Cause and Effect
(3) Comparison and Contrast
(4) Classification
(5) Argumentation


1. Students are required to attend all classes. No more than two absences are permitted.
2. Active participation in class discussions is required.
3. Quizzes and a final exam are included in this course. Only one make-up quiz will be allowed. The final exam will take place on Week 18 (Wed.). Quizzes are to be taken in the first 15 minutes of the class.
4. Writing assignments are carefully scheduled as stages toward the fulfillment of the course’s objectives. No late assignments will be accepted.
5. It is crucial to complete all the preparatory tasks before class, for it is the only way that you can engage in the class discussion.
6. All works should be typed and follow the specific format instructed in class. (original margins, 12pt Times New Roman, double spaced, Window 2003-2007)