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英語語音學 (含發音練習) 二

外文系 Karen Steffen Chung 史嘉琳


中文課程名稱:英語語音學 (含發音練習) 二
英文課程名稱:Introduction to Phonetics II: Intermediate Phonetics
授課教師:Karen Steffen Chung 史嘉琳
學分數:3 學分
建立日期:2013 年 2 月


This course is designed to train future English teachers and translators in the phonetics and correct pronunciation of standard American English. It will offer a solid grounding in phonetic theory, but the main emphasis will be on sharpening students' sensitivity to the sounds of language, and on actual practice, mainly through oral reading of the textbook. Each student will keep a pronunciation journal to record problem areas of pronunciation, and will be expected to take class notes on material not covered in the textbook. A significant portion of the work for this class will be done online independently. A test will usually be given after completing each chapter of the text to review and solidify the material covered, and there will be a weekly dictation, to sharpen listening and IPA transcription skills. Various written assignments will be given, including exercises from the text and class projects.


To learn about general phonetic principles; to learn how the sounds of English are produced and perceived, and to thereby improve one's English pronunciation and become better able to teach accurately pronounced English to others; to deepen understanding and appreciation of language and linguistic phenomena.