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General Psychology

心理學系 趙儀珊


英文課程名稱:General Psychology
學分數:3 學分
建立日期:2012 年 2 月


Psychology is a science exploring the cognitive processes, social feats, and behavioral accomplishments of which the human mind is capable. This introductory course provides an overview of a range of fundamental psychological concepts and the research methodology used to study these concepts.


At the end of the course, students should be:
‧ Aware of the major psychological approaches to the study of behavior.
‧ Aware of the major aspects of behavior investigated by psychologists.
‧ Familiar with the theories and contributions of major figures in the field.
‧ Familiar with major research findings and theories of the field.
‧ Conversant in the unique language of psychology.
‧ Familiar with the methodology of psychology and its limitations.
‧ Able to locate, read and evaluate psychological resources.
‧ Able to gain self understanding and a greater understanding of others.
‧ Able to apply psychological findings to everyday life.
‧ Appreciate the necessity of a multi-level explanation of behavior.

Ref. Book
Gleitman, Gross, & Reisberg. Psychology (8th Edition), 2010. W.W. Norton, New York.