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台灣大學語言學研究所 蘇以文


英文課程名稱:Languages in Taiwan
建立日期:2011 年 9 月


Conducted in English, the present course aims to offer those interested, native as well as non-native Chinese speakers, a platform to discuss the lectured topics covered. Guest lectures by experts on special topics will also be invited so that a more comprehensive coverage and a broader spectrum can be offered. Students registered in the class are required to complete on time all the readings and the assignments. Active participation and discussion is also a must in order to do well in the class.


In order to provide some basic and general understanding to the languages and cultures of Taiwan, the course intends to introduce, from a linguistic point of view, languages together with their writing systems used, as well as cultures present in Taiwan. Main topics to be covered include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. An introduction to the languages currently used and spoken in Taiwan
  2. Selected issues related to language, culture and cognition, based on the languages introduced


  1. Instruction and discussion in English
  2. Active participation in class


  1. Participation and Attendance: 25%
  2. Quizzes: 15% (no make-ups)
  3. Mini-assignments: 60% (should be word-processed and handed in on time)