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Taiwan's Economic Development

Kelly B. Olds (Department of Economics)

The class is taught in English and will examine Taiwan’s economic development from about 1860 to the...

本課程共 42 講,包含:
影片檔 42 個   課程回饋

單元 1.Overview (1)
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內容:Overview (1)   下載影音檔 [NTU video]
單元 2.Early History: Taiwan in the 17th Century (2.1)
單元 3.Early History: Land & Water in Qing Taiwan (2.2)
單元 4.Early History: Camphor (2.3)
單元 5.Early History: Taiwan's Early Limits (2.4)
單元 6.Tea: The Taiwan Tea Boom (3.1)
單元 7.Tea: Ever-Changing Markets (3.2)
單元 8.Tea: The Industry’s Structure (3.3)
單元 9.Sugar: The Traditional Sugar Industry (4.1)
單元 10.Sugar: Becoming a Sugar Colony (4.2)
單元 11.Sugar: The Mills & Their Effect (4.3)
單元 12.Rice: The Traditional Rice Economy (5.1)
單元 13.Rice: The Ponlai Revolution (5.2)
單元 14.Rice: Behind the Green Revolution (5.3)
單元 15.Mining: Finding Gold (6.1)
單元 16.Mining: Two Paths: Jin-gua-shi & Jiu-fen (6.2)
單元 17.Hats: Early Evolution of the Hat Industry (7.1)
單元 18.Hats: Taiwan vs. Okinawa (7.2)
單元 19.Hats: Creating an SME Heartland (7.3)
單元 20.Fascism: The New Nationalist Economics (8.1)
單元 21.Fascism: The Wartime Economy (8.2)
單元 22.Fascism: The KMT Takeover (8.3)
單元 23.Fascism: Crises: 1945-50 (8.4)
單元 24.Controlled Growth: US Aid (9.1)
單元 25.Controlled Growth: Land Reform (9.2)
單元 26.Controlled Growth: Business: Taiwanese & Mainlander (9.3)
單元 27.Controlled Growth: Population (9.4)
單元 28.Consumer Exports: Revolution & Reform (10.1)
單元 29.Consumer Exports: The Boom (10.2)
單元 30.Consumer Exports: Speed Intensity (10.3)
單元 31.Consumer Exports: Bicycles (10.4)
單元 32.Heavy Industry: A Simple Problematic Story (11.1)
單元 33.Heavy Industry: Ten Major Projects (11.2)
單元 34.Heavy Industry: Taiwan vs. South Korea (11.3)
單元 35.Electronics: The Early Electronics Industry (12.1)
單元 36.Electronics: Computers (12.2)
單元 37.Electronics: Semiconductors (12.3)
單元 38.FDI: The Great Financial Bubble (13.1)
單元 39.FDI: Crossing the Strait (13.2)
單元 40.FDI: Electronics Abroad (13.3)
單元 41.Present & Future: Taiwan's Present (14.1)
單元 42.Present & Future: Taiwan's Future (14.2)