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生化實驗技術:原理 (動畫) 與操作示範
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Biochemical experiment technology -- Principle (animation) and operation demonstration video

(Biochem. iLab® Studio, Center for Biotechnology, National Taiwan University)

This course presents the principles of biochemical experiment technology with vivid and interesting ...

本課程共 18 講,包含:
影片檔 18 個   課程回饋

單元 1.(1) Principles of protein extraction (animation)
※ 若 YouTube 影片無法觀看,請點選 [NTU Video] 觀看

內容:(1) Principles of protein extraction (animation)  (本影音檔不提供下載) [NTU video]
單元 2.(2) Principles of protein purification (Affinity chromatography) (animation)
單元 3.(3-1) Principles of protein gel electrophoresis SDS-PAGE (animation)
單元 4.(3-2) Demonstration of protein gel electrophoresis SDS-PAGE
單元 5.(3-3) Demonstration of protein gel staining
單元 6.(4-1) Principles of western blotting (animation)
單元 7.(4-2) Demonstration of western blotting
單元 8.(5-1) Principles of DNA gel electrophoresis (animation)
單元 9.(5-2) Demonstration of DNA gel electrophoresis
單元 10.(5-3)Principles of DNA sequencing: Maxam-Gilbert method (chemical cleavage) (animation)
單元 11.(5-4) Principles of DNA sequencing: Sanger method (chain termination)(animation)
單元 12.(5-5)Principles of DNA sequencing: next generation sequencing method (NGS) (animation)
單元 13.(6) Principles of polymerase chain reaction (animation)
單元 14.(7-1) Principles of protein crystallization (animation)
單元 15.(7-2) Time-lapse video of protein crystallization
單元 16.(8-1) Operation of micropipette
單元 17.(8-2) Operation of centrifuge
單元 18.(8-3) Operation of spectrophotometer