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電機工程學系    江簡富

(Unit 1) Quasistatic Solution of Maxwell’s Equations
(Unit 2) Example of Electroquasistatic Solutio...

本課程共 46 講,包含:
影片檔 46 個   課程回饋

單元 1.(Unit 1) Quasistatic Solution of Maxwell’s Equations
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內容:(Unit 1) Quasistatic Solution of Maxwell’s Equations  (本影音檔不提供下載) [NTU video]
單元 2.(Unit 2) Example of Electroquasistatic Solution
單元 3.(Unit 3) Equi-Potential Surfaces of Two Line Charges
單元 4.(Unit 4) External, Internal and Mutual Inductances
單元 5.(Unit 5) Transmission-Line Solution in Parallel-Plate Waveguide
單元 6.(Unit 6) Voltage and Current Waves in Transmission Line
單元 7.(Unit 7) Reflection and Transmission Coefficients in Transmission Line
單元 8.(Unit 8) Propagation in Cascaded Transmission Lines
單元 9.(Unit 9) Lumped Capacitor at Junction of Two Transmission Lines
單元 10.(Unit 10) Transmission-Line Solution in Time and Frequency Domains
單元 11.(Unit 11) Transmission Line with Initial Waveform
單元 12.(Unit 12) Transmission Line with Nonlinear Load
單元 13.(Unit 13) Coupling between Transmission Lines
單元 14.(Unit 14) Resonant Modes and Wave Impedance in Transmission Line
單元 15.(Unit 15) Transmission-Line Solution in Frequency Domain
單元 16.(Unit 16) Transmission-Line Resonator
單元 17.(Unit 17) Partial Standing-Wave in Transmission Line
單元 18.(Unit 18) Smith Chart and Impedance Matching
單元 19.(Unit 19) Wave Equation in Frequency Domain
單元 20.(Unit 20) Radiation Field of Hertzian Dipole
單元 21.(Unit 21) Linear Array of Hertzian Dipoles
單元 22.(Unit 22) Reflection and Transmission of TE Plane Wave at Planar Interface
單元 23.(Unit 23) Reflection and Transmission of TM Plane Wave at Planar Interface
單元 24.(Unit 24) Total Reflection and Goos-Hanschen Shift
單元 25.(Unit 25) Reflection of Plane Wave with Arbitrary Polarization
單元 26.(Unit 26) Lossy Transmission-Line Equations Derived from Circuit Theory
單元 27.(Unit 27) Solution in Lossy Transmission Line
單元 28.(Unit 28) Wave Modes in Parallel-Plate Waveguides
單元 29.(Unit 29) Phase Velocity and Group Velocity
單元 30.(Unit 30) Dielectric Slab Guide, Even TE Modes
單元 31.(Unit 31) Dielectric Slab Guide, Odd TE Modes
單元 32.(Unit 32) Propagation in Graded-Index Guide
單元 33.(Unit 33) Field Decomposition Method in Cartesian Coordinate
單元 34.(Unit 34) Solution in Rectangular Waveguide
單元 35.(Unit 35) Solution in Rectangular Cavity Resonator
單元 36.(Unit 36) Conductor Loss in Waveguide and Cavity
單元 37.(Unit 37) TM Wave Modes in Cylindrical Waveguide and Cavity Resonator
單元 38.(Unit 38) TE Wave Modes in Cylindrical Waveguide and Cavity Resonator
單元 39.(Unit 39) Pulse Broadening in Dispersive Medium
單元 40.(Unit 40) Plane Wave Propagation in Anisotropic Medium
單元 41.(Unit 41) Faraday Rotation
單元 42.(Unit 42) Basic Properties of Antennas
單元 43.(Unit 43) Reciprocity and Radar Range Equation
單元 44.(Unit 44) Electric Polarization in Dielectric Medium
單元 45.(Unit 45) Rayleigh Scattering
單元 46.(Unit 46) Cylindrical Dielectric Guide