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Essentials of Global Health

Chang-Chuan Chan (公共衛生學系)

This introduction of global health program is designed for undergraduate students, including those w...

本課程共 13 講,包含:
影片檔 13 個   教材檔 10 個   課程回饋

單元 1.Introduction (Chang-Chuan Chan)

內容:Introduction (Chang-Chuan Chan)   下載影音檔
單元 2.The principles and goals of global health (Chang-Chuan Chan)
單元 3.Measures of global health (Hsien-Ho Lin)
單元 4.Communicable disease (Hsien-Ho Lin)
單元 5.Global chat (TA)
單元 6.Inequalities in health (Ya-Wen Cheng)
單元 7.Employment conditions, psycho social stress and health (Ya-Wen Cheng)
單元 8.Environment and health (Chang-Chuan Chan)
單元 9.Health and Poverty (Mayeesha Y.H. Tseng)
單元 10.Health Care Industry- The most complicated Service Industry (Hong-Jen Chang)
單元 11.Pharmaceutical Companies and Global Health (Weng-Foung Huang)
單元 12.Experiences concerning health system practice and maintenances in Malawi (Kwong-Leung Yu)
單元 13.Students' Presentation