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物理系    易富國

易富國教授主講的「電磁學」,帶您從費曼的《The Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol 2.》(費曼物理學講義)一覽電磁學理論,並加入易老師獨門見解,將電磁學、向量微積分、向...

本課程共 30 講,包含:
影片檔 53 個   課程回饋

單元 1.Ch1 Electromagnetism (電磁學)
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內容:Ch1 Electromagnetism (電磁學)  (本影音檔不提供下載) [NTU video]
單元 2.Ch2.Ch3 Vector Calculus (向量微積分)
單元 3.Ch13 Magnetostatics (靜磁學)
單元 4.Ch14.15 Vector Potential (向量勢) 1
單元 5.Ch14.15 Vector Potential (向量勢) 2
單元 6.Maxwell Equations
單元 7.Ch.21 Solutions of Maxwell's Eqs with currents and charges
單元 8.Ch.26 The Potentials and fields for a charge moving with constant velocity and Special theory of Relativity
單元 9.1905, special relativity and Maxwell's equations
單元 10.Ch.25 Electrodynamics in Relativistic Notation
單元 11.Ch.26 Covariant formulation of electrodynamics
單元 12.Ch.27 Field energy and field momentum
單元 13.The examples/paradoxes of field energy and momentum
單元 14.Ch28 Electromagnetic mass & Lorentz model of electron
單元 15.Radiation field of an arbitrarily moving point charge
單元 16.Radiation of an accelerated point charge / Heaviside formula Synchrotron Radiation
單元 17.Principle of Least time
單元 18.The origin of Refractive Index
單元 19.Refractive Index of Dense Materials
單元 20.Reflection from Surfaces
單元 21.Fresnel Equations
單元 22.To interfere or not to interfere – polarization and interference
單元 23.Circular Polarization, (A bridge between classical and quantum physics)
單元 24.Faraday Effect and Zeeman Effect
單元 25.The Principle of Least Action (最小作用量原理) 1
單元 26.Ch19 The Principle of Least Action (最小作用量原理) 2
單元 27.How did Schrodinger Invent Schrodinger Equation
單元 28.創造萬物的奧秘
單元 29.Feynman Path Integral
單元 30.100 years of superconductivity