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Exploring Taiwan-Geographical Environment and Resources

Lan-Hung Chiang (台灣研究學程)


本課程共 15 講,包含:
影片檔 16 個   教材檔 12 個   課程回饋

單元 1. Introduction to the Course - Dr. Lan-Hung Chiang (姜蘭虹)
單元 2.Past Climate Changes - Dr. Kuo-Yen Wei (魏國彥)
單元 3.Physical Geology of Taiwan - Dr. Hao-Tsu Chu (朱傚祖)
單元 4.Population in Taiwan - Dr. Lan-Hung Chiang (姜蘭虹)
單元 5.Urban and Regional Systems - Dr. Sue-Ching Jou (周素卿)
單元 6. Physical Geography of Taiwan - Dr. Jiun-Chuan Lin (林俊全)
單元 7.Taiwan’s Environmental Struggle - Dr. Jack Williams
單元 8.Marine Ecosystem (I): Coastal Ecosystems - Dr. J. C. Shiao (蕭仁傑)
單元 9.Marine Ecosystem (II): Pelagic Ecosystems- Dr. Chi-Hao Hsieh (謝志豪)
單元 10.The History of Cetacean Conservation in Taiwan - Dr. Lien-Siang Chou (周蓮香)
單元 11.Finld Trip to CWB - Dr. Yi-Liang Chen, Dr. Kuang-Hwa Wang
單元 12.Satellites and Typhoons - Dr. I-I Lin (林依依)
單元 13.Contemporary Indigenous Society - Dr. Ho-Chia Chueh (闕河嘉)
單元 14.Two Decades of Taiwanese Immigration to Australia and Canada - Dr. Lan-Hung Chiang (姜蘭虹)
單元 15.Environment Learning - Dr. Ju Chou (周儒)