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化學系    鄭原忠

本課程共 31 講,包含:
影片檔 31 個   課程回饋

單元 1.The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
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內容:The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle   下載影音檔 [NTU video]
單元 2.The Time-independent Schrodinger Equation?
單元 3.The Superposition Principle
單元 4.Operators, Measurement?
單元 5.Particle in a One-Dimensional Box
單元 6.Particle in a Three-Dimensional Box?
單元 7.Quantum Harmonic Oscillator?
單元 8.Quantum Harmonic Oscillator?
單元 9.Postulates of Quantum Mechanics, Dirac Notation, Harmonic Osillator
單元 10.Quantum Dynamics
單元 11.Classical rigid rotor, Angular momentum, Quantum rigid rotor
單元 12.Eigenvalues & Eigenstates of Lz
單元 13.Hydrogen-like Atoms, Energy levels
單元 14.Electronic Structures of Hydrogen-like Atoms, Atomic spectra, Hydrogen-like orbitals
單元 15.Hydrogen-like atomic orbitals, Orbital angular momentum, Electron spins
單元 16.Appoximation methods, Variational methods, Perturbation theory
單元 17.Helium Atom, Pauli Exclusion Principle
單元 18.Requirements for a valid many-electron wave function, Slater determinants
單元 19.Many-electron atoms & Atomic term symbols, Born-Oppenheimer approximation
單元 20.Born-Oppenheimer approximation, H2 molecular orbital theory
單元 21.Molecular Orbital Theory
單元 22.Huckel Theory, Valence Bond Method
單元 23.Computational Quantum Chemistry
單元 24.Molecular Spectroscopy, Time-dependent Schrodinger Equation
單元 25.Hierarchy of molecular spectroscopy, Einstein's A/B coefficients
單元 26.Considerations of absorption、Diatomic molecule
單元 27.Vibrational spectrum、Vibrational rotation spectrum
單元 28.Rotation -- vibration spectrum、Polyatomic molecules, Electronic spectroscopy
單元 29.Electronic spectroscopy1
單元 30.Electronic spectroscopy2
單元 31.Q&A