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哲學系 傅佩榮


英文課程名稱:Philosophy and Life
學分數:3 學分
建立日期:2015 年 9 月


This is a course that reflects on pertinent life issues from a philosophical perspective. Borrowing insightful views from Chinese and Western philosophers, the course not only explores the very concept of “life” itself, but also examines how Man should think about meaning in life and choose wisely among different values. The course starts off with an assessment of Western philosophy, which is known to be more systematic and methodical in presenting its ideas. We introduce basic forms of reasoning and guiding principles employed by Western philosophers, and survey the historical landscape of Western thinking, focusing primarily on philosophers who adopt a more unique outlook on life (eg. Socrates) and certain schools of thought that remain influential even till this day (eg. Existentialism). In the second part of the course, we turn our attention to Chinese philosophy. After studying the origin and main characteristics of Chinese thought, we provide a detailed explication of the key ideas and teachings in Confucian philosophy and Daoist philosophy, followed by a Confucian and Daoist interpretation of life issues that is in line with the times. For the final part of the course, we broaden our horizons and offer critical commentaries regarding life issues related to aesthetics, religion, education and culture, with the hope of outlining a holistic vision of life complemented by the method of philosophical introspection.


This course aims to equip students with the content and methods required for thinking and reflecting philosophically about life. It also hopes to help students establish a personal outlook on life and values that is both reasonable and beneficial. Weekly tutorials are designed to facilitate students in tackling specific life problems by employing appropriate ways of thinking from a philosophical perspective.