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法文一 (上)

外文系 歐德尼


中文課程名稱:法文一 (上)
英文課程名稱:French (Ⅰ)
學分數:3 學分
建立日期:2012 年 9 月


Alter Ego 1 offers interesting classroom tools and a range of practical activities grouped by themes and levels. These activities will help students develop the listening, note-taking and discussion skills they need to cope with French-speaking environment. There will be many opportunities for students to discuss content, express their personal opinions and make presentations to the class.


Help students achieve A1 level of Cadre Européen Commun de Référence after the first year (French I). Some students are getting very close to A2 level at the end of this semester.
Give students a strong basic knowledge of French language and culture. Offer students a supportive atmosphere of total immersion without translation or use of the mother tongue.


Students will be asked to attend classes very regularly and to participate actively to the class.
I will often ask students to work in groups or in pairs. Students will have to use the new issue of the textbook Alter Ego 1 and copies of the exercises book will be provided.


1. Final exam 20%
2. Mid-term exam 20%
3. Participation 35%
4. Tests 25%