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Introduction to the biodiversity of Taiwan

生態學與演化生物學研究所 胡哲明

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  • Lai, Y.-M. (ed.) 2000. Vanishing dancers. Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan and the Business Council for Sustainable Development of the Republic of China. (消失中的精靈:台灣珍貴及稀有動物保育專輯) (Mandarin with English abstracts each chapter)
  • Editorial Committee of the Flora of Taiwan 1993-2000. Flora of Taiwan I-VI, 2nd edition. Department of Botany, National Taiwan University. Taipei.
  • (Most complete reference for the flora in Taiwan. Available at NTU library)
  • 台大生物多樣性中心。2004。行政院農委會自然資源與生態資料庫,生物多樣性。行政院農委會林務局出版。