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Reading to Connect

Academic Writing Education Center (寫作教學中心)

It is designed to help undergraduate and graduate students develop fundamental strategies for readin...

本課程共 15 講,包含:
影片檔 15 個   教材檔 14 個   課程回饋

單元 1.Course Introduction
單元 2.Prediction, Skimming & Scanning
單元 3.Reading Comprehension Strategies
單元 4.Vocabulary Building through Context Clues
單元 5.Review & Reflection
單元 6.Critical Reading
單元 7.Battle against Poverty
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內容:Battle against Poverty  (本影音檔不提供下載) [NTU video]
單元 8.Breaking Gender Stereotypes
單元 9.Defending Human Rights
單元 10.Fighting for Social Justice
單元 11.To Mitigate or to Adapt? Act on Climate Change
單元 12.Affordable & Sustainable Energy
單元 13.A Quality Education
單元 14.From Reading to Writing: Summary, Paraphrase & Citations
單元 15.From Reading to Writing: Coherence, Cohesion and Unity