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英語語音學 (含發音練習) 一
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英語語音學 (含發音練習) 一

外文系    Karen Steffen Chung 史嘉琳

This course is designed to train future English teachers and translators in the phonetics and correc...

本課程共 33 講,包含:
影片檔 33 個   教材檔 14 個   參考資料 1 個  課程回饋

See also "Introduction to Phonetics II (with Pronunciation Practicum)"

單元 1.Class Overview
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內容:Class Overview   下載影音檔 [NTU video]
單元 2.First Peek into the World of Phonetics
單元 3.The Vocal Tract and Places of Articulation
單元 4.Speech Production and Sound Waves
單元 5.Sound Waves, and Consonants: Place of Articulation (I)
單元 6.Consonants: Place of Articulation (II)
單元 7.Consonants: Manner of Articulation
單元 8.Waveforms of Consonants
單元 9.The Articulation of Vowel Sounds
單元 10.The Sounds of Vowels; Suprasegmentals
單元 11.Wrapping up Chapter One
單元 12.Chapter Two: Phonology and Phonetic Transcription (I)
單元 13.Phonology and Phonetic Transcription (II)
單元 14.Transcribing English Sounds
單元 15.Wrapping up Chapter Two
單元 16.Exercises for Chapter Two
單元 17.English Stop Consonants
單元 18.English Stop Consonants (II)
單元 19.More on English Consonants
單元 20.Overlapping Gestures
單元 21.Allophonic Rules for English Consonants and Diacritics
單元 22.Words in Connected Speech (I) and Exercises for Chapter Three
單元 23.Words in Connected Speech (II) and Stress
單元 24.Test on Chapter Three; Chapter 5 : Word Stress
單元 25.Stress, Rhythm, and Intonation
單元 26.Wrapping up Chapter Five
單元 27.Diving into Vowels
單元 28.Chapter Five Exercises
單元 29.Chapter Three Test Corrections and Transcribing Mandarin in IPA
單元 30.Diphthongs and Rhotic Vowels
單元 31.Wrapping up Chapter Four and Christmas Carols
單元 32.Chapter Four Exercises
單元 33.Transcribing Mandarin in IPA (II)