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英語語音學 (含發音練習) 二
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英語語音學 (含發音練習) 二

外文系    Karen Steffen Chung 史嘉琳

This course is designed to train future English teachers and translators in the phonetics and correc...

本課程共 34 講,包含:
影片檔 34 個   課程回饋

See also "Introduction to Phonetics I (with Pronunciation Practicum)"

單元 1.Class Overview and Sharing Linguistic Observations
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內容:Class Overview and Sharing Linguistic Observations   下載影音檔 [NTU video]
單元 2.Chapter Six Airstream Mechanisms: Ejectives I
單元 3.Ejectives II and Implosives I
單元 4.Implosives II and Clicks I
單元 5.Clicks II
單元 6.Clicks III and States of the Glottis I
單元 7.States of the Glottis and Voice Onset Time I
單元 8.Voice Onset Time II
單元 9.Voice Onset Time III
單元 10.Wrapping up Chapter Six and Exercises
單元 11.Chapter Seven Consonantal Gestures: Articulatory Targets I
單元 12.Articulatory Targets II
單元 13.Dorsal Consonants
單元 14.Stops and Fricatives
單元 15.Trills, Taps, and Flaps I
單元 16.Trills, Taps, and Flaps II and Laterals
單元 17.Wrapping up Chapter Seven and Exercises
單元 18.Introduction to Acoustic Phonetics: Harmonics
單元 19.Introduction to Acoustic Phonetics: Resonance
單元 20.Filter/Source Theory
單元 21.Tube Models
單元 22.Perturbation Theory and Acoustic Analysis I
單元 23.Acoustic Analysis II
單元 24.Acoustics of Consonants I
單元 25.Acoustics of Consonants II and Interpreting Spectrograms I
單元 26.Interpreting Spectrograms II
單元 27.Interpreting Spectrograms III
單元 28.Interpreting Spectrograms IV
單元 29.Individual Differences and Decibels I
單元 30.Decibels II and Exercises for Chapter Eight
單元 31.Cardinal Vowels
單元 32.Vowel-like Articulations and Syllables
單元 33.Wrapping Up Chapter Ten
單元 34.Grand Finale: Special Guest Victor Thibout Demonstrates Khoomei and Undertone Singing