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NTU Open Forum for New Intellectuals: Globalization Challenge and Response (《新百家學堂》全球化的挑戰與因應)

(新百家學堂  Tzong-Ho Bau)

本課程共 16 講,包含:
影片檔 16 個   課程回饋

單元 1.Globalization: Trends and Development - Tzong-Ho Bau

內容:Globalization: Trends and Development - Tzong-Ho Bau  (本影音檔不提供下載)
單元 2.Globalization, Legal Order and Constitutional Change - Jiunn-Rong Yeh
單元 3.China's Rise and the Reconstruction of Global Political and Economic Orders - Yun-Han Chu
單元 4.Economic Globalization and Popular Attitudes - Jin-Tan Liu
單元 5.Globalization and Regional Integration - Bih-Jane Liu
單元 6.Cross Country Moving of Global Middle Class - Yen-Fen Tseng
單元 7.Globalization and Employment Trends - Bih-Hearn Lee
單元 8.Globalization and Social Welfare - Yeun-wen Ku
單元 9.Globalization and the Development of Welfare-State - Wan-I Lin
單元 10.Globalization and New Cultural Situation - Hsien-hao Liao
單元 11.Globalization and Media - Chen-Ling Hung
單元 12.Globalization and Government Reform - Chuan-cheng Hsiao
單元 13.Globalization and Cross-strait relations - Ya-Chung Chang
單元 14.Economic Globalization and Generational Politics - Yi-Feng Tao
單元 15.Globalization, Mega Projects and Urban Changes - Sue-Ching Jou
單元 16.Globalization and Regional Development: Global Production Networks Perspective - Jinn-yuh Hsu