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Introduction to tensor analysis in curvilinear coordinate systems, differential forms, differential ...

本課程共 16 講,包含:
影片檔 16 個   課程回饋

單元 1.Degeneracy and topology of a two-level system--two dimensional case

內容:Degeneracy and topology of a two-level system--two dimensional case   下載影音檔 [NTU video]
單元 2.Degeneracy and topology of a two-level system--three dimensional case
單元 3.Topology of a U(1) fiber bundle
單元 4.Topology and connection of a U(1) bundle
單元 5.Connection Form & Exterior Calculus
單元 6.Differential Geometry of Surface -- Moving Frames
單元 7.Gauss Bonnet and Poincare Hopf Theorems
單元 8.Tensor Analysis
單元 9.Riemann Curvature Tensor
單元 10.Tensor Analysis Continued
單元 11.Vibronic Gauge Model
單元 12.Vibronic Gauge Model Continued
單元 13.Homology and Cohomology Groups : de Rham's Theorem
單元 14.Polyacetylene and Graphene
單元 15.Index Theorem(s)
單元 16.Review Index Theorem in Graphene